Yumbe Mango Processing Factory nears completion

Yumbe Factory

Yumbe Mango Processing Factory nears completion

The government through NAADS is constructing a mango processing factory in Yumbe district.

When completed, the 6 metric ton per hour mango processing facility will employ close to 200 people directly and over 2000 indirectly.

The facility is constructed in partnership with a private investor Food and Nutrition Solutions Ltd (FONUS) and Aringa Mango Farmers’ Cooperative Society based in Yumbe district.

Outside Yumbe Factory

Government has so far injected UGX 8.7bn in the factory which has been spent on procurement and installation of processing equipment, with plans to invest an additional UGX 3bn in the coming Financial Year 2020/21 which will be spent on completion of the stores, the perimeter wall and the compound.

The factory is designed to process local mangoes grown in the West Nile region, which are currently going to waste with no market. When completed, the factory will provide a ready market for the mango farmers grown in West Nile. Coca Cola Company has already offered to buy 5,000MT of the mango concentrate per year from the factory.

The factory is expected to begin operations in October 2020.

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