NAADS Structure


NAADS is currently composed of structures at national and regional levels. At macro level, the NAADS organisation has two components namely:

a. The Board

The NAADS Act 2001 establishes the NAADS Board under the MAAIF. The Board is charged with advising and giving guidance on NAADS policy and strategy at national level, as well as supervising and supporting the NAADS Secretariat as the national agency mandated to administer the NAADS/OWC Programme. It sets targets and approves work plans and budgets for the organisation.

b. The NAADS Secretariat

At technical level, the NAADS Secretariat is the implementing arm of the NAADS organisation and is composed of three departments and two units namely:
a. Technical and Agri-business Services Department
b. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department
c. Finance and Administration Department
d. Procurement and Disposal Unit
e. Internal Audit Unit