Who We Are

The National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS) is one of the statutory semi-autonomous bodies in the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF); established in 2001 by an Act of Parliament (NAADS Act 2001) to specifically facilitate efficient and effective delivery of agricultural advisory services for enhanced production and productivity.

The role and responsibility of NAADS has been evolving since its establishment on the basis of lessons learnt from its implementation until 2014, when its Mandate was refocused to “Providing Support for the Management of Agricultural Input Distribution chains, promotion of Strategic commodity interventions, agricultural chain development and Farmer access to Agricultural Financing.

A commercialized agricultural sector for sustainable household food security and incomes.

To contribute to the transformation of the agricultural sector through the provision of agricultural inputs, agribusiness and value chain development for improved household food security and incomes.

NAADS is guided by a set of commonly held core values cherished by the Board, members of staff and the stakeholders:

  1. Professionalism: NAADS ensures that, in all its operations, professionalism is observed in accordance with established standards and practices;
  2. Team Work: For optimum productivity and output, NAADS cherishes and upholds the spirit of team work at all levels between staff, management, the Board and other collaborating institutions;
  3. Stakeholder participation: NAADS is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders participate in all its programmes along the agricultural value chain.
  4. Integrity and transparency: NAADS is committed to promoting transparency and integrity in all operations so as to ensure honesty, sense of responsibility, and high ethical standards;
  5. Accountability: NAADS remains accountable to its stakeholders in the public and private sector and accepts responsibility for its decisions and actions in executing its core mandate and business;
  6. Equity: NAADS is obliged to treat all stakeholders equitably and fairly and gives special attention to gender mainstreaming, special interest groups and various categories of farming community including hard to reach areas in the current agriculture zones across the country.
  7. Partnership: NAADS attaches great significance to collaboration and partnership with all actors in the agricultural sector value chain, so as to maximize synergy of expertise, foster shared ownership and ensure commitment to the implementation of its programmes; and
  8. Innovation: NAADS aspires to become a learning organization that continuously embraces improved technology and creativity in order to excel in its service delivery to stakeholders.

The overall objective of the NAADS Organization is to contribute to the transformation of the Agricultural Sector through the provision of Agricultural Inputs, Agribusiness and Value chain development for improved Household Food security and Incomes.

  1. Increasing access to critical and quality agricultural inputs for smallholder farmers including Women, Youth, older persons and people with disability
  2. Supporting the development of Agriculture commodity value chains through provision of agribusiness, value addition and marketing linkages
  3. Facilitating Farmer groups/Cooperatives to access appropriate Agricultural financing services
  4. Strengthening Institutional and Collaboration Frameworks to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency.