Uganda Celebrates World Food Day 2020

World Food Day

Uganda Celebrates World Food Day 2020

Uganda has today 16th October 2020 joined the rest of the world to celebrate the World Food Day (WFD) under the theme “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.”

Main celebrations were organized at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries headquarters in Entebbe in tandem with the Ministry of Health SOPs amidts the Covid 19 pandemic. Four other satellite locations at NAFORRI, MBAZARDI, NGETTA ZARDI and NASARRI have organized exhibitions.

In this year’s WFD celebrations, emphasis is ensuring food security as an essential part of the COVID-19 response and ensuring access to safe and nutritious food. The world has celebrated the farmers – people who produce, plant, harvest, fish or transport our food or who put food on our tables #FoodHeroes who, no matter the circumstances, continue to provide food to their communities and beyond – helping to grow, nourish and sustain our world.

Farmers have been recognized as the food heroes for making sure that food makes its way from farm to fork even amid disruptions as unprecedented as the current COVID-19 crisis.

In Uganda, NAADS together with other partners has played an integral role in ensuring increased production and productivity for food security through the provision of agricultural inputs at the different levels of the agricultural value chain. Through partnerships, NAADS has ensured that Uganda’s food system grows a variety of food to nourish a growing population and sustain the country, together.

Since 2014 to date, NAADS has distributed the following planting materials to farmers to ensure food security in the country;

  • 21,572,543 kilograms of maize seed
  • 8,961,712 kilograms of bean seed
  • 2,951,670 banana tissue cultured suckers
  • 713,804 bags of cassava cuttings
  • 255,635 kilograms of rice seed
  • 89,601 kilograms of groundnuts seed
  • 168,668 kilograms of soya bean seed
  • 148,835 bags of Irish potato seed
  • 375,150 kilograms of sorghum seed
  • 297,301 kilograms of sim sim seed

In addition to the planting materials, NAADS has supported farmers with other agricultural inputs like mangoes, pineapples, apples, citrus, cocoa and the like to ensure a balanced diet and improved nutrition and improved incomes for farmers.


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