Tractor from NAADS motivates farmer group to procure another tractor

Adjumani farmers with their tractors

Tractor from NAADS motivates farmer group to procure another tractor

When members of Kubezio Company Ltd in Pekele Sub-couny, Adjumani District conducted a market survey in 2018, they discovered that there was a growing un-satisfied demand of tractor services with in the area.

This encouraged the 30 members to apply for a tractor from NAADS through Adjumani District Local Government, not only to benefit from hire services but also to help them to till their land on which they mainly grow rice.

The group received the tractor in February 2020 and have been able to plough over 300 acres since then. Before acquiring the tractor, they used to plough using ox-ploughs, which were slow and covered smaller acreages compared to the tractor.

Tractor beneficiaries in Adjumani district

The farmers say they charge 110,000 to plough an acre of land for the non-members of the association. Due to high demand of the tractor services, the farmers mobilized resources and in addition to the savings from the hire services, they have managed to acquire a second tractor on their own.

Members of the association boast in the improved access to tractor services and more so at discounted fares.

The farmers say the support of the tractor from NAADS has enabled their fellow farmers in the community to plough large acres in a short time.


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