Strategic Agricultural Inputs

During the implementation of the NAADS Strategic Plan 2015/16 – 2019/20, the emphasis is given to improving household food security and incomes as emphasised in the ASSP 2015/16 – 2019/20. During this period, the agriculture sector plans to promote awareness on food availability across agricultural zones, generate and promote nutrient bio-fortified varieties across the priority commodities to enhance nutrition security in the country, and household incomes through on-farm and off-farm activities to ensure capacity to procure food at all times. In the promotion of this endeavour, under the NAADS Strategic Plan 2015/16 – 2019/20, procurement and distribution of critical agricultural inputs, and support to the development of agriculture commodity value chains is promoted to improve household food security and incomes.


In the FY 2015/16, 2016/17 NAADS supplied 105 million and 47 million tea plantlets respectively for expansion of the area under tea by opening new fields as well as gap filling in the existing tea plantations


The number of Cocoa seedlings distributed and planted increased to 3,550,003 in FY 2014/15, from 1,739,000 in FY 2013/14. This increased Cocoa production by 9%, from 22,010 MT in FY 2013/14 to 24,008 MT in FY 2014/15. Cocoa production will further increase as the young seedlings mature into production.

Citrus Fruit
NAADS supports production and distribution of quality citrus seedlings tolerant to pests and diseases and with desirable fresh and processing characteristics.
The overall objective of the intervention is to commercialise the pineapple sector by supporting increased production through the distribution of quality clean pineapple seedlings that are tolerant to pests and diseases.

The overall objective of this intervention is to commercialise apple production involving provision of support to the production and distribution of quality clean, grafted pest and disease tolerant apple seedlings.
NAADS facilitates farmers to access high-quality production inputs such as transgenic plants, fertilizers and herbicides. In addition, NAADS collaborates with other agencies to accelerate the development and value addition of bananas and plantains as an industry, including trade in the national, regional and international markets.
NAADS interventions include procurement and distribution of improved maize seeds to farmers, as well as collaborating with other agencies with regard to support for mechanisation, storage facilities, value addition and agro-processing by providing maize mills of appropriate capacities to farmer groups.
NAADS supports production and distribution of disease-free cassava planting material and also support cassava farmers and SMEs to engage in processing of quality flour and chips, as well as agribusiness enterprises.
NAADS intervention mainly focuses on the provision of quality seeds to farmers.
Irish Potatoes
NAADS supports the Irish potato development interventions by distributing potato seed of improved varieties with preferred end-user characteristics.

NAADS supports the distribution of improved seed, demonstration material for small scale irrigation, and promotion of appropriate post-harvest technologies including agro-processing facilities.
NAADS support for diary development includes the following interventions:
i. Provision of in-calf heifers to smallholder farmers;
ii. Building local capacity in conserved feed production;
iii. Developing capacity for pasture and rangeland improvement in the national milk sheds; and
iv. Provision of milk coolers and milk processing facilities to farmers groups to enhance milk storage,
value addition and marketing.
NAADS interventions are focused towards procurement and distribution of improved breeds of beef cattle (such as Boran and Sahiwal bulls), Goats (Boer goats), piglets and poultry (Kroilers). This is supplemented by supporting farmers’ access to quality animal feeds.

NAADS interventions in fisheries are mainly on promoting commercial aquaculture and developing infrastructure along the value chain.