Retired teacher earns big from apples in Buhweju

Apple farmers in Buhweju

Retired teacher earns big from apples in Buhweju

In 2017, Boniface Bagarukayo and his wife Leonidas Mbabazi from Buhanga sub country in Buhweju received 800 apple seedlings from NAADS.

As of today, they have been harvesting since October 2019. Every day, they harvest a bucket of 200 apples selling 3 apples at UGX 1,000 as their main market is within their community. From these sales, they collect UGX 20,000 a day and UGX 600,000 a month which they use to educate their children.

One of their challenges is the lack of an extension worker who is well conversant with apple production to be able to assist and guide them on how to manage their orchard.

Another challenge they face is a lack of market for their produce. In city centers, apples are sold at UGX 1,000 each and yet they sell 3 apples at UGX 1,000. With more market, especially in city centers, Boniface and his wife Leonidas believe their wealth will increase.

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