Our Values

In order to realise the full potential of women and men, the NAADS interventions under OWC ensures that gender constraints, needs and opportunities are identified and addressed. The principles of gender equity and equality are applied to guide beneficiary targeting.
To ensure coverage of all segments of society in agricultural inputs distribution, additional focus is given to special interest groups such as youth, veterans and people with disabilities (PWDs). This is aimed at tapping their production potential by providing the right inputs.

Immediately after receiving the advice slips, all district local governments are required to undertake proper selection and preparation of farmers as guided by the Standing Order of Procedures (SOP) and the additional guidelines in the circular issued to the CAOs. This should involve registering farmers who are to benefit from agricultural inputs based on ability and readiness to receive and manage the enterprises. The registration should be guided by the quantities indicated in the advice slips and the minimum acreage recommended as issued in the circular to all Chief Administrative Officers. The lists guide the distribution of materials. This measure is intended to avoid the supply driven distribution of inputs that has been observed in some districts and to ensure that enterprises are well managed.

In order to ensure equity, a number of steps are undertaken as described above using guidelines issued at the beginning of the Financial Year