Institutional Linkages

In the course of implementation of its mandate, NAADS has been collaborating with a number of institutions and programmes in both the public and private sector and other state actors. They include the following

NAADS works with OWC through the Office of the President as its linkage to the Farmers for day-to-day monitoring of the NAADS/OWC interventions, setting district priorities, selection of enterprises and verification of beneficiaries. The OWC officers also help NAADS in the supervision of the delivery and distribution of strategic interventions to beneficiary households. This was a Government directive for OWC to provide backup support to the NAADS program implementation at the household level. (more.. )

The OPM provides the inter-sectoral coordination of NAADS/OWC activities across the different MDAs. (more.. )

MPs through their constituencies are involved in the mobilization of Farmers as well as planning and monitoring of the NAADS Programme. In addition, the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture provides overall legislative as well as monitoring oversight to the NAADS program.

NAADS like other Agencies under the Ministry, is answerable to MAAIF. The Ministry at the strategic level does the planning and budgeting, capacity building, quality assurance and provides technical guidance in support of the NAADS targets ( )


The NAADS/NARO Synergy is purposed to ensure complementary services lead to significant contribution of agriculture to rural development. The collaboration involves sharing of technical information on available technologies through research and providing feedback mechanism to inform research agenda (

Through their Ministry (Ministry of Local Government); the Local Governments (Districts, Sub-counties and Parishes at the local level carry out planning, selection of priority commodities and distribution of agricultural inputs to intended beneficiaries, receipt and verification of technologies, carry out district level inspection, monitoring and evaluation of the NAADS programme. These in the end submit performance reports to the NAADS Secretariat