Heifer improves nutrition and income in Mugisa’s home


Heifer improves nutrition and income in Mugisa’s home

When 56-year-old Sarah Mugisa received a heifer from NAADS in 2019, it was a dream come true because she had never owned a cow not even touched one in her life.

Mugisa longed to own a heifer because she had seen some of her contemporaries in Mpanga market where she owns a stall tell of the good benefits from having heifer(s). Mugisa is a resident of Fort Portal municipality in Kabarole district and owns a food stall in Mpanga market in the same municipality.

When she heard of the opportunity to receive free heifers from NAADS, Mugisa submitted her request and she was selected as a beneficiary. She received the in-calf heifer in August 2019 and it later gave birth to a female calf. At 7 months, Mugisa passed on the calf to another beneficiary within Fort Porta municipality as it is the practice under NAADS/OWC. She says the heifer is already pregnant with another calf and this will be hers.

Mugisa says in a day, she collects between 13 to 16 litres of milk and sells each litre at shs.1,400. She uses her stall in Mpanga market at a milk selling point.

The wife and mother says her family has not remained the same ever since they received the heifer. Their nutrition has greatly improved because they are able to consume the right quantities of milk. From the proceeds of milk, Mugisa has boosted her food stall in Mpanga market and is able to pay the worker he employed to cater for the heifer.

She adds that from the same heifer, she is able to get manure for her banana plantation which has boosted production of bananas in her garden.

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