East Africa Agricultural Productivity Project - EAAPP

The objectives of the Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Project for Uganda are to: (i) enhance regional specialization in agricultural research; (ii) enhance regional collaboration in agricultural training and dissemination; and (iii) facilitate increased sharing of agricultural information, knowledge, and technology across national boundaries.

There are four components to the project. The first component of the project is strengthening the regional center of excellence. This component aims at strengthening the institutional capacity that is needed to establish the Regional Center of Excellence (RCoE) in cassava.

The second component of the project is support to technology generation, training and dissemination. This component will support research activities developed within the RCoE, as well as training and dissemination subprojects. The latter will have a regional focus and use participatory strategies and mechanisms to train researchers, extensionists and farmers in the latest innovations, and to scale up application of technologies.

The third component of the project is improved availability of planting material, seeds, and livestock germplasm. This component will support multiplication of planting material, seeds and breeds, strengthen the enabling environment for regional exchange and trade, and improve the capacity of producers and traders.

The fourth component of the project is project coordination and management. This component will finance management and coordination at the national and regional levels. Read more..