NAADS vows to stump out Corruption

This was during a conference organized by the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Secretariat and the Ministry of Local Government held on December 19, 2012 at Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi, in Kampala.

In this agreement the agencies vowed to make NAADS a corruption free organization in accordance with the NAADS government anti-corruption strategy:

"We NAADS stakeholders comprising the NAADS Secretariat staff and Local Government Programme implementers understand that corruption poses a threat to the realization of NAADS Programme objectives, declare that from this 19th day of December 2012, we are committed to making NAADS a corruption free organization"

The vow makes NAADS one of the few to come out to acknowledge that theft of public funds cripples government programmes. Of recent government organizations have been embroiled in corruption scandals, however, NAADS has been clean. It is this clean record that the stakeholders decided must be upheld. Over 80% of Ugandans rely heavily on Agriculture, it is therefore a critical sector of the economy which can not be put at a risk of corruption.

The conference was later joined by the Minister of State for Works, Hon. John Byandala who revealed that the Local Government Ministry is at an advanced stage of plans to recall roads works units from the different districts in light of facilitating Agriculture production in the country. Transport of produce from rural areas to the market centers has been a longstanding problem facing farmers.

By Anthony Wanyoto-PRO
Posted 11th, January 2013
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