Institutional & Implementation Arrangements

The institutional responsibilities for ATAAS activities are the present mandates of NARO and NAADS. The project emphasizes on the joint activities of these two institutions and the need for them to work together more effectively in order to achieve the Project Development Objective (PDO). The project activities are implemented at three levels:

1. At the national level:

  • The senior staff in each organization, backed-up by joint NARO-NAADS and other key stakeholder committees for each specific activity carried out under the component will be responsible for the overall implementation of the component; and
  • The existing NARO Council Users Committee and the NAADS Board Program Committee will be responsible for the overall coordination of joint NARO-NAADS activities.
2. At zonal level:
  • The Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institutes (ZARDIs) will be focal points for functional multi-stakeholder innovation platforms and joint activities of NARO and NAADS;
  • The responsibility for implementation of partnership activities would be with ZARDI Directors and the NAADS Zonal Coordinators, with the latter having lead responsibility;
  • Oversight would be with the ZARDI Management Committees (MCs)

3. At the District level:
The implementation of the adaptive research activities would be carried out by the District Adaptive Research Support Team (DARST), established in all districts on the basis of agricultural Subject Matter Specialists (SMSs), to allow the increased flow of technologies and timely feedback from farmers to researchers.