Objectives and Components of ATAAS

ATAAS Objectives

ATAAS has two main objectives namely the Project Development Objective (PDO) and the Global Environmental Objective (GEO).

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of participating households by improving the performance of agricultural research and advisory service systems in the Republic of Uganda. The indicator for the PDO is the percentage increase in average agricultural yields and agricultural incomes of participating households who directly benefit from NAADS support through farmer groups (disaggregated by gender).

The Global Environmental Objective (GEO) is to enhance the environmental sustainability and resilience of agricultural production to land degradation and climate risks. The indicator for the GEO is additional land area with improved land and water management practices.

ATAAS Components

The project is envisioned to realise its broad objectives through five (5) as outlined below:

Component 1: Developing Agricultural Technologies and Strengthening the National Agricultural Research System. The objectives of component 1 are to develop agricultural technologies through research, and to strengthen agricultural research institutions.

Component 2: Enhancing Partnerships between Agricultural Research, Advisory Services, and other Stakeholders. The objectives are to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of technology development and dissemination by supporting closer linkages between NARO, NAADS, and other stakeholders.

Component 3: Strengthening the National Agricultural Advisory Services. The objective is to support improved delivery of demand-driven and market-oriented advisory services to farmers to promote their progression from subsistence to market-orientation.

Component 4: Supporting Agribusiness Services and Market Linkages. The objective is to promote integration of smallholders in value chains by supporting collaboration between agribusiness, farmers, advisers, and researchers to create viable, sustainable market and agribusiness linkages.

Component 5: Program Management. The objective is to support the NARO and NAADS Secretariats to ensure: (i) efficient execution of administrative, financial management, and procurement functions; (ii) coordination of project activities among various stakeholders; (iii) implementation of safeguard measures mandated by the Government of Uganda and IDA; and (iv) an effective use of the joint M&E and ICT systems established under component 2.