Ongoing Research Efforts

NaCRRI: Rehabilitation of 4 office blocks, 8 screen houses, 6 glasshouses, 3 bio-agent rearing facilities and 1 germplasm facility at NaCRRI, Designs and installation of Irrigation System, Rehabilitating 3 bio-agent rearing facilities and Establishment of a germplasm conservation facility.
Enhanced generation of agricultural knowledge and improved agricultural technologies in identified priority cassava research areas including research on control of Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) and African Cassava Mosaic Disease (ACMD).

Producing tons of breeder and selected planting materials in research institutes and ensuring enhanced availability and access to improved cassava planting materials in ECA countries, as well as striving to ensure a number of cultivars for selected commodities are registered in more than one EAAPP country and adequate quantities of commercial seed of the selected commodities sold by seed companies, farmer organizations and other dealers.

NAGRIC Entebbe: Enhanced production of semen and providing thousands of doses of livestock semen to be sold in Uganda as well as other ASARECA member countries. Enhanced generation of technologies and innovations for managing Napier Stunt Disease .Availability of all year round feed resources enhanced through use of crop residues/wastes and agro-industrial by-products. Improved control of ECF in small holder dairy farming system in Uganda.

Wheat Research (Buginyanya ZARDI): Research on improved production and productivity of wheat through use of improved high yielding disease resistant varieties.

Value Addition Component (VAC) Kawanda: Appropriate value-adding and waste management technologies for cassava-based products along the value chains developed. Enhanced availability of information on existing markets and technologies along the cassava-based product value chains .Information on constraints, challenges, market opportunities and profitability of cassava, rice, dairy and wheat added processes and products generated.

ASARECA (Entebbe): Harmonized M&E systems for RCoEs , generic guidelines and standards in development of regional proposals , Information on Packaged and Re-packaged technologies . Overall coordination of the project, ensures regionalization of all project activities and links with national government ministries and agencies to ensure relevant policies, laws, regulations, and/or procedures reviewed for harmonization .

Training and Dissemination (NAADS): Ensures enhanced availability of information and improved technologies and innovations in Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) countries. Existing and new technologies disseminated including improving availability and access of improved varieties of EAAPP priority commodities. Appropriate technology information packages produced and disseminated. Exploring use regional technology uptake pathways (e.g., web-based information platform, regional radio, TV program, etc.) for wider dissemination of improved technologies across the region.