Beneficiary selection criteria

Beneficiary selection criteria for Agro-process facility support

The agro-process facility support is implemented at the national level and this is aimed at supporting initiatives to integrate smallholder farmers into value chains through forging partnerships and improving competitiveness of agribusinesses and farmers linkage to markets. Farmer groups, nucleus farmers, agro-processors’ associations, traders’ associations, and other agribusinesses are the target beneficiaries.

Their selection is premised on the following guideline:

  • Associations/groups or nucleolus farmers that qualify for support are those that are registered by the districts and/or any other Government agency. The association or group will operate and be guided by the laws that govern the operations of such associations/groups (e.g. cooperative society bye-laws).
  • Group should avail a competitive bankable business plan. This should be supported by evidence of conducting profitable ventures within the commodity value chain they seek support for.
  • Agribusiness support to farmer associations/groups in an area will depend on the existing production of the commodity, the need for value addition and proximity to farming communities as well as access to markets. The beneficiary groups should have demonstrated involvement in the commodity value chain.
  • Equity in the distribution of equipment to areas that produce the same commodity to enable regional balance of benefits
  • Other than for special interventions cited by government, all potential beneficiaries will be selected by NAADS on a competitive scale based on demonstrated institutional capacity to manage the agro-processing facility on business principles using an appropriate selection tool.
  • The beneficiaries are identified and selected by a committee made up of relevant technical departments at district levels and these are forwarded by the CAO.
  • Capacity building of beneficiaries will be conducted before and after the delivery of a facility.