Agro Machinery and Equipment

This intervention is aimed at increasing farm production and productivity for increased household food security and incomes through the adoption of improved and efficient production technologies, enhancement of timeliness and profitability of farm operations and intensified farm production systems; as well as the provision of water for production to address adverse effects of climate.

The Government through the NAADS programme procured 280 tractors for cooperative unions and registered commercial farmers. The pilot phase of this initiative was implemented in eight selected districts in the South Western region of Mbarara zone focusing on the dairy value chain through cattle pasture improvement. The aim of the pilot was to increase milk production to meet the increasing demand for milk and milk products locally and internationally.

Solar water pumping systems

The intervention is aimed at providing water for production to address the adverse effects of the climate.

Hand Hoes

As an intervention to food security, NAADS is providing hand-hoes to rural farmers

Value addition equipment and agribusiness Development services

These interventions focused on the procurement, distribution and installation of milk coolers and matching generators, fruit processing plants, construction of fish hatchery, maize and rice milling, and matching equipment.