Value Chain & Agribusiness Development

Under value chain & agribusiness development, NAADS programme aims to empower smallholder farmers to understand market demand, market linkages and market-led production of agricultural products as a means to increase access to domestic, regional, and international markets for increased incomes.

Commissioning of the Community Grain stores in Lwamata Sub-County, Kiboga District and Iriri Sub-County, Napak District

NAADS interventions include support to the development of agriculture commodity value chains through provision of agribusiness, value addition, and marketing linkage services. Key commodity based value addition, storage and  agro-processing equipment is procured and distributed to farmers, farmer groups and cooperatives based on the specific needs identified. Specific training and backstopping is also provided to ensure proper use of the technologies

Value addition equipment mainly include ; small and medium scale fruit-juice processing equipment, milk coolers and generators,  maize milling equipment, cassava milling equipment, rice milling equipment,  feed milling equipment, honey processing equipment etc. On the other hand,Produce handling and storage facilities for produce include grain warehouses and aggregation facilities among others

In addition NAADS collaborates with other agencies and key role players with regard to support for mechanisation, storage facilities, value addition and agro processing by providing equipment & facilities to farmers groups.