Agriculture input Distribution

NAADS procures and distributes critical agricultural inputs (seeds, seedlings, planting materials, stocking materials, farm machinery and implements) for small holder farmers including women, youths, older persons and people with disability. This is aimed at increasing access to critical and quality agricultural inputs for farming households to boost agricultural production and productivity.

Mango Nursery bed

The agricultural inputs include; seeds for maize, beans, cowpeas, sorghum, groundnuts, and rice to improve household food security. In addition, improved seedlings and planting materials for banana, cassava, Irish potatoes, passion fruit, ginger, grapes, and mushrooms are provided to the farmers.

As regards livestock production, NAADS provides and promotes beef and dairy cattle, poultry, improved and local goats, gilts/boars, fish, beehives, and artificial insemination.  Other agricultural enterprises promoted include pasture seed multiplication, irrigation, farm implements, value addition and agro processing equipment.