Farmer Access to Agriculture Financing

NAADS strives to increase access to appropriate agricultural financing services for farmer groups and cooperatives (including 68% small holder farmers).This is in line with NAADS Strategic Objective 3 to facilitate farmer groups/cooperatives to access appropriate agricultural financial services.

Commissioning of the Community Grain stores in Lwamata Sub-County, Kiboga District and Iriri Sub-County, Napak District

Specific interventions under the strategic objective include;

(i) Undertaking thematic  studies on appropriate models for agricultural financing options for farmer groups and cooperatives

(ii) Sensitization of farmer groups and cooperatives on available financing models offered by various financial service providers

(iii) Strengthening producer organisations for delivering financial and non-financial services to small holder farmers

(iv) Promotion of private public partnerships (PPPs) by leveraging private sector funding and management.