57 year old housewife turns into a pineapple commercial farmer

Namugolo in her pineapple farm

57 year old housewife turns into a pineapple commercial farmer

57-year-old Harriet Namugolo spent 20 years as a housewife engaged in subsistence farming. However, in 2015 she got a tip off from a friend on the possibility of acquiring pineapple suckers from NAADS to engage in pineapple commercial farming.

Namugolo a resident of Katikamu village in Busaale Parish, Kayunga Sub County in Kayunga district started with 10,000 pineapple suckers from NAADS which she planted on one acre. Following the good yield and a good income, Namugolo enlarged her pineapple farm and today she is minting money from 5 acres of pineapple with plans to expand to 20 acres in the near future.

Namugolo is one of the many pineapple farmers that have benefited from the over 2 million pineapple suckers that NAADS has distributed in Kayunga district to boost the production of pineapple in the area for improved household incomes and wealth creation.

Namugolo’s biggest challenge is the unstable market and paltry price of pineapple especially during the peak season with middlemen cheating the farmers.

“During the peak season the price of pineapple drops as low as shs.700 each which affects my profit margin”, explained Namugolo.

However, Namugolo’s woes are soon coming to an end following a partnership between the Government of Uganda through the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) and the private sector to construct a Pineapple juice factory to add value to the pineapple produced in the region.

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